A Rice Purity Test is utilized as a technique to assess the character of an individual. It is also employed to compare one individual character to others. Moreover, many students grasp the rice purity test and share the results online.

In this blog, we will elaborate on the “Rice Purity Test” in detail.

What is the Rice Purity Test?

Based on the feedback of the rice purity test, the team evolved it, as an assessment to determine an individual’s purity. Moreover, it contains many personal experiences related to education, relationships, drugs, and social skills.

The rice purity test consists of 100 questions for girls and boys. The score for the test is calculated from 0 to 100, where a score of 100 indicates a good score or high purity, while 0 indicates a bad score or less purity.

Note: the rice purity test was introduced by two best friends, who wanted to develop a more advanced version.

How does the Rice Purity Test work?

100 questions on the rice purity test describe the purity or innocence of an individual. This online quiz consists of many questions about the relationships of individuals, behavior, usage of alcohol, bad habits, and law enforcement. Additionally, by pressing the “Yes” or “No” button to answer each question of a rice purity t.

Let’s demonstrate in detail how the rice purity t works.


The rice purity t is a set of questions covering an extensive range of topics, For instance, personal behavior, relationships with others, sexual activities, and other experiences.

Test score system

Every question in the rice purity t is associated with a certain score value and each score may vary depending on the nature of the questions. Furthermore, some questions carry lower scores for less controversial behaviors, while the others questions carry higher score values for more experienced behavior.

Response choice

In the rice purity t, each question is offered with response options, typically “Yes” or “No,” to indicate whether they have engaged in the described behavior or not.

Selecting feedbacks

An examinee chooses the feedback that reflects their personal experiences. The individual answers each question based on their own life experiences,


After attempting all the questions, the examinee calculates their total score by adding up the points associated with their responses. A higher score indicates the high purity of the individual or lower experiences in the areas covered by the questions, while a lower score indicates a lower purity or a greater number of life experiences.


At the end of the quiz, the examinee shows the scores of individuals. The rice test score may vary depending on the context and the group of individuals taking the test.

How Scored the Rice Purity Test

In the rice purity t, each question contains one point or score. The total number of scores indicates the individual points they earn. Moreover, the highest score indicates the more pure an individual is considered to be.

The Rice Purity Test Trend on TikTok

Various individuals post their scores on TikTok to show others how pure they are. Additionally, the reality check calculates the true innocence level based on an estimate of what other TikTokers have posted about their friends’ innocence level.

Some users also boast about having either a very high or very low score. For instance, one TikToker user wonders how it is that she is only 15 years old and has a score of 5. By the way, 15 is also the average age for people who take this test.



There are different opinions on the rice purity t. Various individuals think that the test is funny, while others believe that it is a harmful and unfair tool. To each of us, how true the test is, proves to depend on which way one views it.

I hope this blog will help you to understand the concept of the rice purity t.