Official Rice Purity Test
Rice Purity Test

Official Rice Purity Test

The official rice purity test determines the innocence level of your nature. It covers 100 questions and all of them consist of your relationship with others, drugs, sexual life, education, social experience, and much more. Moreover, the official rice purity test is online and free for all.

Numerous versions of it have been published since it was introduced years ago. It is the most popular quiz in the world. However, keep in mind that this is not a scientific or authentic test for the measure of individual character.

This blog will assist you in understanding the “Official Rice Purity Test”.

What is the Official Rice Purity Test?

The official rice purity test contains several questions including relationships, drugs, criminal activity, and so on. This test only measures the purity of a person joyfully and casually.

Individuals indicate whether they have engaged in the activity provided by answering “Yes” or “No”. Additionally obtaining higher scores means a higher level of purity or innocence, and lower scores mean a lower level of purity.


How to Take the Official Rice Purity Test

The official rice purity test is utilized to measure the innocence of a person. Follow the below steps to check your score.

  • Tap on the “Start Test” button to start the test.
  • Next, answer each question one by one.
  • After attempting all the questions, your official rice purity score will be displayed on the window.

Official Rice Purity Test Score Means

The official rice purity test score may vary from 0 to 100. A score between 75 and 100 indicates the good purity of a person, an average score is between 60 and 75, and a score between 0 and 60 indicates bad purity.

Below is a detailed explanation of the scores:

Scores Meaning
98-100 Only a few individuals can get this score. It means you are pure as gold
91-97 This score means how fairly pure you are, maybe you have loved someone
77-90 This score tells you how you are an averagely pure person. You have probably committed to loving someone.
45-76 This scoring range means, your purity is polluted
9-44 This bad score means you have been involved in bad habits, affairs with others, and getting drunk most of the time.
0-8 This score means you love to live naturally.

Disagreement and Popularity of the Official Rice Purity Test

The official rice purity t is the most popular in the world. Its popularity lies in the questions that are based on life experiences. Many individuals take this test as fun and share their scores with friends.

Let’s discuss the few factors that are involved in the popularity of official rice purity t:

  • Heartedness factor
  • The questions of the official rice purity t cover a wide range of activities that make this t more entertaining for participants.
  • Social Sharing
  • The test is shared online as well as on social media platforms. Participants may share their scores or specific questions, leading to discussions and interactions among friends and online communities.
  • Remembrance
  • Various individuals attempt the test during their college years or as young adults, reflecting on their past experiences and perhaps comparing them with their peers.
  • Internet lifestyle
  • Online quizzes and personality tests have become a popular trend on the internet. The Rice Purity Test fits into this culture, where people enjoy participating in and sharing various quizzes and challenges.

Despite all, this test also has some criticism factors:

  • Subjectivity
  • The concept of purity is subjective and varies between individuals and cultures. For instance, test questions may be interpreted differently by different individuals. This means if one person is considered innocent then another might be viewed as more controversial.
  • Standardize
  • The official rice purity t has some standards about the behaviors or experiences of individuals who have different life experiences.
  • Pressure and Judgment
  • Publicly sharing one’s score may lead to judgment or pressure to conform to social expectations. Moreover, it can create an environment where individuals feel pressure to fit a particular narrative of innocence or experience.

FAQs About the Official Rice Purity Test

Here are some questions that might be in your mind about the official rice purity t.

Is the Official Rice Purity T for All Ages?

The answer is no, especially for the younger generation, because the questions of the test consist of relationships, sex, drugs, and so on.

Does the Official Rice Purity T Generate Accurate Results?

No, this test does not measure the accurate result about the innocence level of the individual.


Several questions appear on the official rice purity t, such as how a person is in a relationship with others, if he or she is on drugs, if they are involved in criminal activity, etc. Moreover, this test only measures the purity of a person joyfully and casually.

Additionally, With the help of a score, the person can see his purity level.


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